We are always ready to solve problems for our companies

One of our most important tasks is to assist our portfolio companies in navigating their most critical strategic challenges. We are always ready to develop solutions or introduce specialist expertise where needed

Durable business development

A cornerstones of our 10&20 vision is durable business development, where Hasko supports our companies primarily in 3 areas

Examples of how we support our companies

“Hasko has helped us analyze customer profitability in a more sophisticated way, which is very helpful in developing our customer relationships”

— Niclas Brönner, CEO Ekulf

“Hasko supported us in designing and introducing a new business model with our own centers, which has yielded very good results”

— Patrik Rydén, CEO Flexmassage

“I gained access to a large network of digital agencies and appreciated how we jointly developed a plan to build an efficient and scalable digital infrastructure”

— Tommy Bruun, CEO Grohus

Value creation playbooks

  • Growth strategy

    • Formulate strategy
    • Prioritize key activities
    • Growth through acquisitions
  • Organization

    • Clarify roles and responsibilities
    • Recruitment of key positions
    • Implement incentive programs
    • Conduct succession
  • Decision-making

    • Identify critical data and KPIs
    • Create data foundation for decision-making
  • Efficient systems

    • Upgrade IT systems
    • Leverage modern AI tools
  • Process optimization

    • Optimize pricing
    • Enhance sales
    • E-commerce optimization
    • Product development and purchasing
  • Meaningfulness

    • Celebrate successes
    • Work-life balance

Hasko's network

Hasko has an extensive network of carefully selected and quality assured partners with framework agreements ready to support our portfolio companies.

quality-assuredAs part of the Hasko family, each company gets access to the knowledge and experience of its sister companies, where we also collaborate across specific development areas.

Sustainability throughout the ownership lifecycle

We are convinced that working with sustainability is not only a moral obligation but also a source of significant business value. By integrating sustainability into our operations, we aim not only to benefit society but also to create long-term economic advantages for our partners and shareholders.

We view sustainability as environmental responsibility, social responsibility, and corporate governance (ESG), and by actively working with these dimensions, we reduce long-term risks, strengthen our companies, and establish durable competitive advantages.

Before entering a partnership, we systematically evaluate the target to identify both risks and business opportunities related to ESG, which we then address in our ownership plan for the company.

Starting in 2025, Hasko and our subsidiaries will also transition to CSRD reporting to communicate our sustainability efforts even more clearly.